About Us

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About Us

About UsHire MIndz is one of the most reputed Placement / Recruitment consultants in India .At Hire Mindz we believing in helping you gain your dream job. We at HireMindz are specialized in providing highly qualified,trained & experienced professionals from the senior level to Middle or Junior level. We 100% believe in understanding our clients’ needs so we can provide them with their desire candidates. In today's highly competitive world we require experienced, skilled and  hardworking professionals to get an edge in the rat race.

We are an interface between industry & academia committed to deliver the best on campus making them industry ready and support industry with these trained & certified candidates in their search for best talent pool. Our training programs are delivered in classroom mode, weekend schedule, corporate training, consulting and career services.

At our selection process we make sure that each candidate is suitable to our employers’ prospective needs. This is how HireMIndz works. We make sure that our company can give you the maximum benefits of recruiting our services as manpower recruitment experts. There are many Placement Agencies in India but we dare to stand out due to our well experience team and expert eye on accurateness, effectiveness and timeliness in deliverance.

You know the best part about this? As Recruitment and Placement is all about changing lives - as our aim stands for supporting individuals in important career decision, and providing organizations with the employees that are "just right" for them. It's our responsibility and we at HireMindz feel privileged to shoulder this responsibility for our beloved & esteemed customers with complete accountability and answerability.


About Director

Sneha Kurri has over 5+ years experience in Heading a recruitment team. She has successfully handled mutli national companies with very high recruitment percentage.With a MBA in Information Technology, & Operation Management also Six Sigma certified from AIQM (UK) under her belt she has been a key in the setting up Hire Mindz. She is also well conversent with all internet based recruitment processes and has also mastered the use of technical softwares which are mostly used in the business of recruitment consultants.

As a Director for the company she mainly deals with the final level screening and also the incharge of client interactions. In her experience which now spreads over more than 5 years in the recruitment industry she is a force to recon with and well know in her circle and clients groups.She is also responsible for all team targets, recruitment, training of new recruits within Hire Mindz. She has placed scores of candidates and has successfully achieved to train students and in a very consistently way.

Why HireMindz

A One stop solution theme candidates looking for professional certification courses to empower themselves by practical application of theoretical knowledge.

Because we at Hiremindz “Listen, understand, question, visualize, research, and commit together to deliver quality on time.” We take a complete responsibility of the tasks assigned to us by our Clients, as where we are reliable and our clients have trust on us.

  • Deep insight of client needs

    Our clientele includes a variety of business models with unique placement needs. However we grasp them in no-time because we are specialists in recruitment.

  • Faster to find matching talent

    One look at a profile and a single call with the candidate is enough for us to spontaneously match them and their skills with our client’s specifications. We have our years of experience and tons of expertise to thank for that.

  • For us it's all about Quality

    Our efforts on recruitment are efficient and effective for two reasons – our vast database qualified candidates and our strong internal recruitment processes.

  • Strong, long-term relationships

    Our industry-savvy recruiters and our knack to accurately counsel high-profile industry talent, enables us to create a strong impression. This makes us surely as their natural choice when they look for reliable and trust worthy partners. At the end of the day, we’re all about “people”.

  • Super energetic team

    We use the latest and cutting edge technology to handpick the best available talent on board. This helps us pace up the hiring process making us the go-to guys for senior management jobs.