Co-learning is a manner of group learning that enhances communication skills, cultural awareness, thinking skills and so much more. Working in a group also allows students to provide checks and balances of their work on the spot, rather than finding out later, to make the workflow more efficient.


About Co-Learning

  • Co-learning is a commitment to learning together and knowing what other people are interested in.
  • People need to be brave enough to show what they don’t know.
  • Networking allows us to collaborate and take a connected approach to teaching and learning. We need to change the higher education to cause change in lower levels of education.
  • Co-learning aims at the collaborative construction of knowledge, in which co-learners are able to expand their social networks, integrate open learning with collective research and co-author collaborative productions.


Who is this For ?

  • People who are genuinely passionate about tech, who get excited about learning new skills, building, solving and discussing problems in latest tech. 
  • Graduates who are struggling to get a job, who want to build their expertise in modern technologies and are willing to invest a signi?cant amount of their time self-learning 
  • Students who are willing to learn outside of their college curriculum, would like to become professional developers down the line and get exposure to the real world 
  • Experienced developers, who want to interact with other developers, contribute to open source, expand their horizons and learn new technologies. 
  • Professionals from non-tech background, who want to get started with tech or switch their careers.