Recruiter Training Program

Great Recruiters are focused on getting results, but great recruitment relies on right candidate sourcing, candidate evaluation and stakeholder management.
The Recruiter Training Programme is a customised solution and will be focused on:

  • Best practices and skills to improve performance
  • Achieve excellence in each step of the recruitment cycle including sourcing, assessment, offer management and soft skills.
  • Learn how to use new techniques, tools and methods to reinvent your own style of great recruitment.

Sourcing new candidates is a major component of any recruiter’s role, and while anyone can punch basic keywords into LinkedIn, recruiters need to be more adept at these
kinds of searches than the rest of the population. After all, If recruiters are going to keep a constant eye out for great new talent, they’ll need to be as efficient as possible in their searches. They can’t afford to waste hours or even days scrolling through massive lists of search results.

Every recruiter training program needs a well-developed module on Boolean search, the most basic – and, perhaps, most valuable – approach to smarter searches. When
recruiters have mastered Boolean operators, they can conduct quicker, more efficient, and more effective searches. Beyond that, recruiter training programs need to stay up to date with the newest developments in online sourcing and searching technologies and best practices. While it’s doubtful that Boolean search will ever be totally outmoded, new techniques and capabilities will certainly spring up as time goes on. The best training programs need to introduce recruiters to new concepts as they arise.
Recruiters don’t have the time to look at resumes for more than six seconds, let alone carve whole hours out of their days for mandatory training. Rather than dictating that
recruiters attend certain classes or sessions, give them access to on-demand learning.

That way, recruiters can brush up on the skills they need when they need them. This also ensures that their workflows aren’t interrupted by ill-timed training opportunities.

Conclusion We’re only scratching the surface here. Recruiting is a complex role with many facets, and the best training programs will dive deep. That said, no recruiter training program can succeed in today’s day and age without the above four components. Start with them, and you’re on the right track.